Let’s Begin (By Starting Over)

By Dr. Albert J. LaChance

On April 25, 2017, my son-in-law Ian phoned me and said the following:

“I’m going crazy thinking about this country of ours. I try ignoring what’s going on, and that doesn’t work. I try reading and not reading about it, and that doesn’t work. I try watching news and not watching news, and that doesn’t work. I have finally come to realize that I need to DO something about it.”

So I made a suggestion to him: why don’t we just start over?

Start what over?

Let’s go to the United States Constitution and start over…not as Constitutional lawyers, not as professors, but as citizens.  President Barack Obama called CITIZEN the most important position in a republic.

Just before my great teacher Thomas Berry died, he said this to me:

“You’ve been with us since the beginning and your work best reflects my own deepest intention for my work.  You’ve written books in several fields and I want you to write one more; I want you to write a book on politics.”

I suggested to him the title of a small section in my first book Cultural Addiction, for which he wrote the introduction.  That title was The Politics of Decency.  He lit up and said, “Yes, that’s it!”  This blog on this day begins that process.

The above Ian was born in Massachusetts, as was I.  He’s married to the youngest of my two daughters, both born in New Hampshire.  We all live in New Hampshire presently along with my British wife Carol.  Ian and I are dedicating this present effort to my granddaughter Adelaide and grandson Elias, both of whom are his children, and to my other daughter’s boys Jonah and Thomas.  We are a New England outfit!  It all started here, and we need to start it here again.  So, Ian and I have decided to “Just Start Over.”

Welcome to Revolution 2.0.

Our goal is to start over by reading the Constitution as citizens and by commenting on it. We hope to share those comments with as many of you who choose to read them. Each week or so we will produce a small section of the Constitution along with a commentary. Let’s start over, re-imagining this country in the context of our sacred Constitution and in the sacred model of creation, envisioned by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry’s model of:

  1. Cosmos
  2. Earth
  3. Biosphere
  4. Culture

Let’s imagine a politics of decency for our children, our grandchildren, and for all future generations to come.


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